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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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NI Alignment Controls -- UL Listed

NI Premium Tower Control Boxes -- Features & Benefits
UL Listed, NI Tower Control Boxes -- For Valley Type as well as many other brands of systems. NI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of replacement guidance controls ... (more)

NI Premium Tower Control Boxes -- Boxes Only
For Valley Type as well as many other brands of systems.
NI premium boxes are 10-wire control boxes. However, 11-wire boxes are available, if desired. ... (more)

NI Premium Tower Control Box Conversion Kits
Kits available for mounting on most any system including Valley type, Reinke type, Lindsay type, Lockwood type, Olson type, etc. ...(more)

Tower Box Mounts
Mount kit for tower box and actuator arm, bolt-on; linkage rod; ...(more)

NI Lockwood Type Tower Box Kits
NI Wire Alignment Tower Box Kits -- Use with existing Lockwood wire alignment system. (Lockwood Alignment Components)... (more)

NI Lindsay Type Tower Control Boxes
NIL Type Tower Control Boxes Includes Complete Control Box. NIL controls and parts can be used as direct replacements for Lindsay style boxes. ... (more)
NIL Tower Box Mounts, Linkage for NIL Type Boxes

Booster Pump Control Boxes
NI Booster Pump Control Boxes with Pressure Switch;
NI Booster Pump Control Boxes without pressure switch; ...
NIL Booster Pump Control Boxes; (more)


Barricade Stops
• Prevents crashes. • Stops machine from any tower. • Provides additional safety. • Available as a complete package. • Auto-reverse available, if required. ... (more)

Barricade Stop Packages, Safety and Auto Reverse