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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Drive Line Shields

Large Diameter Bell Fits several flex couplers and virtually every other coupler or U-joint made. For couplers to 5-1/2" O.D. and 8" long. Fits tube diameters up to 2-3/8" O.D. Small Diameter Bell Shields couplers about 4" in diameter and 8" or less in length.
Large Diameter Bell 18002 with optional #24 Worm Clamp 33018
Small Diameter Bell 18001 with optional #24 Worm Clamp 33018

Drive Line Shields
NI Part # Description
90604-2 Large Bell Tower Package:
2 - 60" Shaft Shield
4 - Bells
4 - Worm Clamps
90611-2 Small Bell Tower Package:
2 - 60" Shaft Shield
4 - Bells
4 - Worm Clamps
18001 Small Bell
18002 Large Bell
33018 Clamp, Worm, #24
95805 Shaft Shield, 60"
95828 Shaft Shield, 150"

Shaft shield custom lengths and diameters available.
Shields are also available for drive shafts between engine and gear heads and other exposed shafts.
Contact our sales department for more information.

Be Safe! Keep All Shields Installed!





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