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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Telescoping Drive Lines

Packages include inside and outside telescoping driveline shafts, drive coupler and disk, and bolt kit.

Telescoping Drive Line Packages
NI Part # Description
90298S Telescoping Drive Line Pkg., Small, 3-3/4" diameter
90298 Telescoping Drive Line Pkg., Large, 4-9/16" diameter
90298NW Telescoping Drive Line Pkg., Northwest, 5" diameter

Telescopoing Drive Line Components

Telescoping Drive Line Components
NI Part # Description
90298S-1 Telescoping Driveline Shaft, Small, Outside, less ends
90298S-2 Telescoping Driveline Shaft, Small, Inside, less ends
90298-1 Telescoping Driveline Shaft, Large, Outside, less ends
90298-2 Telescoping Driveline Shaft, Large, Inside, less ends
90298NW-1 Telescoping Driveline Shaft, Northwest, Outside, less ends
90298NW-2 Telescoping Driveline Shaft, Northwest, Inside, less ends
47002-5 Disk, PVC, Heavy-Duty, 5" Dia., NW
20014 Bolt Kit





Drive Couplers and Disks