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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Support Equipment

Laser Range Finder
Contour XLR: • Instantly determine distances within a 4-inch accuracy in a fraction of a second without prisms or reflectors. • Poor Weather Mode allows measuring in ...(more)

Cable Fault Identifier
• Test cabling in buildings, outside plant, central office, residences, and cable on reels. Up to 3,200 ft. • Test shielded and unshielded twisted pair, 75 Ohm or 50 Ohm coax, electrical wire, or any copper wire ... (more)

Engine Trailers
. Transport a power supply with ease.
. Quality construction throughout.
• Optional side generator mount or belly generator mount.
• Rims are included; tires sold separately... (more)

Pipe Trailers
• Saves work. • Saves time. • Saves pipe. • Rugged construction of high tensile strength steel tubing. ... (more)

Rubber Tracked Carriers
. Help take the back work out of carrying gearboxes, tires, and other heavy items out into the field.
. Size: 65" L x 24.4" W Track
. Machine wt.: 320#; Payload wt.: 551# ...(more)

Engine Covers
• Cover shields an area 8' x 12' from wind and rain. • Heavy-duty construction assures many years of protection and use. ... (more)

Galvanizing Repair
Galvilite Galvanizing Repair Compound... (more)