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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Pivot Points

Pivot Point Packages
NI manufactures a variety of center pivot points to suit a wide range of applications and to adapt to many systems. All pivot structures are made of galvanized steel. The pivot point packages listed include: ... (more)

Pivot Flex Joints
NI offers a variety of pivot flex joints to adapt to different brands of pivot spans. Please specify brand of pivot and pipe diameter when ordering pivot flex connections. ... (more)

Upper Pivot Elbows
Other Upper Pivot Elbows are available. Contact us with your requirements. ... (more)

Main Panels
An NI Main Control Panel is adaptable to control almost any system. ... . (more)

Collector Rings
Count on NI collector rings for reliable, uninterrupted power to controls and drive train. ... (more)

Gaskets for a variety of irrigation applications.
Pivot Riser Gaskets, Seals.
Pivot Flange Gaskets and Seals. . . (more)

Boot Hose Kits
Boot Hose Kits including 4-ply hose and two stainless steel T-bolt clamps. . (more)
Bulk Boot Hose cut to length.
Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps.