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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Pipe Fittings

Steel Fittings, Ring Lock
Page 1: Reducers, Increasers, Elbows, Tees, Telescoping Joints, Main to Lateral Valves, ... (more)
Page 2: Couplers, Clamps, Rings, End Plugs, ... (more)

Steel Fittings, Band and Hook
Reducers, Increasers, Couplers, Elbows, Tees, Plugs, ... (more)

Low Pressure Fittings, Band & Hook, Aluminum - Up to 75 psi
Page 1: Reducers, Increasers, Tees, Line Valves, ... (more)
Page 2 : Elbows, Couplers, End Plugs, End Caps, Bands, Bands & Hooks, ... (more)

Low Pressure Fittings, Ring Lock, Aluminum - Up to 45 psi
Page 1: Reducers, Increasers, Couplers, Elbows, End Plugs, ... (more)
Page 2 : Tees, Line Valves, Crosses, Telescoping Joints, ... (more)

Aluminum and Steel Weld-On Fittings
Coupler -- Cone, Tube End -- Cone, Cone.
Tee, Black Steel; Tee, Cast Aluminum, High Pressure; Elbow, 90, Black Steel; Elbow 90, Cast Aluminum, High Pressure; .... (more)

Hose Barbs
Steel or Aluminum , Female or Male Hose Barbs. Available in various sizes including 4", 6", 8", 10", ... (more)

Pipe Repair Clamps
Stainless steel repair clamps are ideal when you want to move a saddle meter from one location to another. Pipe repair clamps can also be used to repair steel or plastic pipe above ground or under ground. ... (more)

Saddle Fittings for Irrigation Pipe
For IPS and PIP and OD steel pipe. • Made of steel with epoxy or galvanized coating. • Includes gaskets, bolts, and nuts. Easy to Install ... (more)

Cooling Coils
• Protects engine from overheating. • Aluminum construction for superior cooling ability. • Stack keeps engine’s water pump submerged. (Also available w/o stack.) • 6", 8", 10" flanges are standard. ... (more)
Cooling Coil Accessories.