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Irrigation Universal Joint Drive Shafts

Standard Drive Shaft

Short-Coupled Drive Shaft

. Specially designed and built for irrigation pumping applications up to 800 hp at 3000 rpm.
. All shafts are dynamically balanced.
• Special bore and keyway combinations can be custom manufactured.

Standard Drive Shaft
. Two joints, tubing, splined slip joint for length compensation.
. In stock lengths of 24", 36", and 48".

Irrigation Universal Joint Drive Shafts,
Standard, SL
NI Part Number Description
24" 36" 48"
902251 902252 902249 W37 Series
902254 902255 902256 W41 Series
902258 902259 902260 W48 Series
902265 902266 902267 W55 Series

Short-Coupled Drive Shaft
. Two joints, tubing, splined slip joint for length compensation, no tubing.
• Available in lengths from 9" to 14-1/8".

Irrigation Universal Joint Drive Shafts,
Short-Coupled, SC
NI Part Number Description
902250 9-7/8", W37 Series
902253 9-7/8", W41 Series
902257 9", W48 Series
902268 10-1/4", W55 Series

Mounting Flanges

Standard Mounting Flange
. Bore sizes from 1" to 4".
• Keyway sizes from
1/4" x 1/8"
to 1" x 1/2".

Large Mounting Flange

Mounting Flanges
NI Part # Description
68006 Standard Flange, SF, 37/41 Series
68008 Standard Flange, SF, 48/55 Series
68035 Special Large Flange, SLF, 37/41 Series
68036 Special Large Flange, SLF, 48/55 Series


 Other sizes are available.

When ordering, specify: horsepower, rpm ratings, mounting flange configuration, bore or shaft size, keyway size, bolt circle, and length of drive shaft.

Do not operate equipment without safety shields installed on all drive shafts.




Shaft Guards
For Irrigation Drive Lines.
Mounting flanges for Irrigation Drive Lines.
Right Angle Gear Drives