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Berkeley Pump Summary
Summary of pump models offered by Berkeley for irrigation applications. ... (more)

Berkeley P.T.O Driven Centrifugal Pumps
• Can quickly be coupled to any conventional 540 RPM tractor power take-off with a 1-3/8 inch, six-tooth spline, or 1000 RPM take-off with a 1-3/8 inch, 21-tooth spline. ... (more)

Close-Coupled, Electric Drive Centrifugal Pumps
Close-Coupled, End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps are ideal for most applications requiring high performance, easy maintenance, and moderate initial cost. ... (more)

Frame-Mounted Centrifugal Pumps
Frame-Mounted Centrifugal Pumps are designed for the user who has a separate power source suitable for driving through couplings or with belts. Ideal for all general purpose applications requiring high performance ... (more)

Submersible Pumps
• 4" through 10" submersible turbine pumps. • 1/2 to 200 hp. • Flow capacities to 2,200 gpm. • Heads to 1700 feet. • Strainer screens. • 50 cycle versions available. ... (more)