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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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NI Main Control Panels
For Center Pivot Irrigation Systems


UL Listed

NI Main Control Panels
NI Part Number Description
UL Listed Standard
22023U 22023 NI Panel, Basic
22003U 22003 NI Panel, Econo
22014U 22014 NI Panel, Lindsay Type
22051U 22051 NI Panel, Lockwood Type
22051SU 22051S NI Panel, Lockwood Type w/ Stall Timer
22035U 22035 NI Panel, Reinke Type
22052U 22052 NI Panel,Valley Type

Convert old, undependable controls to new controls from Nebraska Irrigation. Add new life to older, structurally sound systems. The NI Main Control Panel is adaptable to control almost any system. It comes equipped with many standard features, and options may be added at the time of purchase or a later date. Basic bolt-on mounting brackets are included.
Please contact us with your questions about adapting NI Main Control Panels to existing irrigation systems.

NI Main Control Panels can also directly replace panels on other brands of systems.

NI Main Control Panels Standard Features:
. Heavy-duty, weather-tight enclosure.
. All components are UL and CUL approved.
. Percent timer.
. Hour meter.
. Volt meter.
. 24 V auxiliary tap.
. Directional switch.
. Main power disconnect.
. Galvanized steel and painted box.
. Bolt-on mounting brackets.

Options For NI Main Control Panels
NI Part # Description
220201 Auto Restart - #1 Automatically triggers your system to resume operation from electrical or pressure signal.
220202 Auto Reverse - #2 Allows the system to operate in the opposite direction when it has reached a preset point.
220203 Low Pressure Shutdown - #3 Stops the system if the water pressure drops below a particular point.
220204 Preselected Stop - #4 Allows you to automatically shut the system down at a predetermined point.
220205 Line Check - #5 Ensures that incoming power line fuses are functional or power is not otherwise disrupted.
220206 Surge Protection - #6 Protects electrical components from sudden power surges.
220207 Low Temp Shutdown - #7 Stops the system at a predetermined temperature.

These and other options are available for all NI models and other brands of control panels.


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