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NI PICS SmartPanels®
-- NI Programmable Irrigation Control Systems


NI Programmable Irrigation Control System – PICS SmartPanel ®
NI Part # Description
220101 NI PICS I Keypad only; radio-ready for use with base station
220102 NI PICS II Keypad & Manual Control; radio-ready for use with base station
220103 NI PICS III Manual Control; radio-ready for use with base station
Consult the NI sales office for more information on base station application.

The PICS SmartPanel ® is an irrigation panel with a built-in microprocessor that allows the operator on-site programming of functions that formerly had to be performed manually. Optionally, the panel can be controlled via radio telemetry and will automatically supply information to a database for irrigation and crop management.

The NI Programmable Irrigation Control System – PICS SmartPanel ® – features a large LCD display screen and 20-button key pad for programming. Store up to 8 programs with 18 steps each.

• Save Trips to Fields
• Save Labor & Time
• Save Water
• Save Energy
• Save Down Time

Standard PICS SmartPanel Functions
Each PICS SmartPanel allows the operator to program the following:
. Start at preset time
. Start and stop at preset location
. Speed set and direction based on location
. Speed by water applied or by percent
. Pump and chemical injection control
. End gun operation
Programming is simple. System control can be set by time or by location in degrees, 0 - 359.

Optional Radio Telemetry Package
The optional radio telemetry package provides control of all pivots from a computer base station and from voice band radios.
. Remotely monitor and control all pivots from pickups, tractors, combines, etc.
. Voice alarm broadcasts over existing voice band radios.

Optional Record Keeping
. Keep complete record of each system's maintenance history on file.
. Provides inputs for water flow, pressure, soil moisture, and weather station information.
. Expandable to include many more features.

Contact NI today for details on how a PICS SmartPanel can give a new or existing irrigation system advanced, programmable features.


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