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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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NI Premium Tower Control Boxes
-- Boxes Only

UL Listed


For Valley type as well as many other brands of systems.

NI Tower Control Boxes - Boxes Only
NI Part Number Description
Intermediate Stall Last Tower
22018 22024 22009 Tower Box Only (10-wire)
22018-11 22024-11 22009-11 Tower Box Only, Valley Type (11-wire)
22041 22040 22042 Tower Box Only (10-wire) w/ 1 hp Overload Protection
22046 22045 22047 Tower Box Only (10-wire) w/ 1.5 hp Overload Protection
Includes UL Listed Wired Box Only. Overload protection included when specified. (No cord connectors, linkage, or mounts.) Specify brand of system when ordering.

The NI premium boxes are 10-wire control boxes. They have been installed on many brands of pivot systems including Valley type systems. However, if 11-wire boxes are desired, choose the 11-wire Valley type listings.


Outstanding Features
NI Tower Control Boxes.
NI Tower Control Box Conversion Kits
For a variety of brands of systems.
Span Cable
Motor Drop Cable
Parts Breakdowns
NI Tower Control Boxes.
Collector Rings
Heavy-Duty Collector Rings.
Main Panels
NI Main Control Panels.