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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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NI Lockwood Type Tower Box Kits

NI Wire Alignment Tower Box Kits
Use with existing Lockwood wire alignment system.

Tower box assembly kits to be used with existing alignment wire on Lockwood units. See illustration.

NI Wire Alignment Tower Box Kits
NI Part # Description
220110 NI IntermediateTower Box Pkg.
220111 NI Next to Last Tower Box Pkg.
220112 NI Last Tower Box Pkg.

- Conversion Kit includes:
• UL Listed Tower Box,
• Tower Box Mounting Bracket
• Linkage Rod Assembly.

- All other parts are reused Lockwood components.
- Some holes will have to be drilled.
- The Lockwood wind-vane linkage rod will have to be modified to fit.

NOTE: To assure the required mounting hardware is included, please specify model of machine and pipe diameter.

NOTE: When replacing the Lockwood wire alignment system, use the NI Premium Tower Control Boxes.

Lockwood Alignment Components

Lockwood Alignment Components
NI Part # Description
98201 Lockwood Alignment Wire, 1400 ft.
70002 Insulator, Fence Post
65128 Thimble, Alignment Wire
92613 Spring Tension, 2.50"
92615 Alignment Spring, 26" Long
17005 Bearing, Sintered, 0.190 x .315 x .375
82003 Retaining Clip for Alignment
89300 Rectifier AC/DC



Span Cable
Motor Drop Cable
NI Tower Box Conversion Kits
When replacing Lockwood wire alignment system.
Parts Breakdowns
NI Tower Control Boxes.
Parts Breakdowns
Lockwood Wire Alignment Assembly.
Parts Breakdowns
Lockwood Type Tower Control Box.
Lockwood Alignment Components
Main Panels
NI Main Control Panels.
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