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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Tower Box Mounts

Tower Box Mounts
Item NI Part # Description
30 792118 Mount, Tower Box & Actuator Arm, Bolt-On, w/ Bolts, 6", 6-5/8" (Items 31 & 32)
31 79210 Mount, Tower Box, Bolt-On, w/ bolts, 6", 6-5/8"
32 792119 Mount, Arm, Actuator, Bolt-On, w/ bolts, 6", 6-5/8"
33 89902 Rod, Linkage, NIV
34 792150 Mount, NIV Tower Box, Weld-On
35 12063 Arm, Actuator Tab, Weld-On, w/ sq. hole
- 72521 Kit, Stiffener, NIV Tower Box
- 39006 Connector, Cord, w/ Jam Nut, 1/2"
- 39007 Connector, Cord, w/ Jam Nut, 1"

Additional mounts are available. Contact us with your requirements.


Outstanding Features
NI Tower Control Boxes.
NI Tower Control Box Conversion Kits
For a variety of brands of systems.
Span Cable
Motor Drop Cable
Parts Breakdowns
NI Tower Control Boxes.
Collector Rings
Heavy-Duty Collector Rings.
Main Panels
NI Main Control Panels.