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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Alignment and Control Switches

All alignment and control switches supplied by NI have been used on center pivot controls and have been proven in the field. Whatever your application, we can get you the switch.
Contact us about other types of irrigation switches, too.

Applications for Alignment and Control Switches

Application NI Part Number
Gifford Hill 93630
Hydrus 93630
Lindsay 936117*, 93606**
Lockwood 93655, 93658
NI 93652
Olson 93607
Pierce 93629
Raincat 93635
Reinke 93630
Valley 93652, 936124**, 93602**
*Preferred choice. **Plunger style.

NI Part # Style Description
93630 A Short arm with roller, spade connection
93658 B Short arm with simulated roller, flat terminal spade connection
936117 C Long arm with roller, spade connection, black
93629 D Long arm with roller, spade connection
93655 E Short arm with simulated roller, spade side connection
93607 F Long arm with roller and adjustment screw, pressure connector
93652 G Short arm with adjustment screw, pressure connector
93635 H Double switch with single adjustable arm, pressure connector
93602 I Plunger, button actuator, spade connection, with boot kit
93606 J Plunger with roller, short stroke, spade connection, less boot
936124 K Plunger with roller, long stroke, spade connection, with boot kit
43016 L Boot Kit






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