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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Clamps, Clips, Etc.


Cable / Wire Clamps, Clips, Etc.
NI Part # Description
33026 Clamp, Band, Adjustable Strap, Galvanized, for 6" dia. pipe
33024 Clamp, Band, Adjustable Strap, Galvanized, for 8" dia. pipe
33089 Clamp, Band, Adjustable Strap, Galvanized, for 10" dia. pipe
34013 Clip, Span Cable, for 5" dia. pipe
34009 Clip, Span Cable, for 6-5/8" dia. pipe
94202 Tie Wrap, Black, Plastic, 29" overall
89926 Ground Rod, 5/8" x 8'
33061 Clamp, Ground, for 5/8" ground rod

NI Part # Description
982352 Ground Wire, #6 bare copper
39023 Wire Nuts, Yellow
39027 Wire Nuts, Red
39031 Wire Nuts, Orange
92203 Splice, Direct Burial, long body
92204 Splice, Direct Burial, short body
Splice kits & other accessories are also available.





Cable / Wire