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MotorSaver® Monitors


MotorSaver® Monitors
MotorSaver® products monitor the power supply and protect electric motors by disconnecting the motor before damage occurs to the windings of the compressor, pump, and other motors that can be damaged by a fault.

3-Phase Voltage Monitors
P/N 78513 and 78512
The three-phase voltage monitors are microcontroller based. Factory-calibrated for highly accurate and precise voltage measurements to provide high sensitivity while minimizing nuisance tripping.
78513 - an auto-ranging voltage monitor designed to protect 3-phase motors regardless of size. A unique microcontroller-based voltage and phase sensing circuit constantly monitors the three phase voltages to detect harmful power line conditions.
78512 - combines load and line side monitoring to alert the user of contactor failure or impending contactor failure.

78513 Features
. Low voltage trip.
. Opt. high voltage trip.
. Single phase trip.
. Reverse phase trip.
. Fixed 6% voltage unbalance trip.
. Single LED diagnostics.
. Separate indications for:
-Power up restart delay
-Reverse phase trip
-Good voltage/relay energized
-Unbalance/single phase trip
-High/low voltage trip
78512 Features
. Load side monitoring of contactor.
. Multiple LEDs for diagnostics, special indicators for overvoltage, undervoltage, and phasing fault.
. Prevents rapid cycling by monitoring contactor or starter.
. Protects 3-phase motors from:
- Contact failure
- Loss of any phase (single phasing) on the load or line side
- Low voltage
- High voltage
- Voltage unbalance
- Phase reversal
- Rapid cycling.

Single-Phase Current Monitors
P/N 78508
78508 - an undercurrent monitor designed to monitor one leg of a three phase system. It is commonly used as a tower monitor on center pivot irrigation systems to detect stalled or stuck towers to prevent overwatering.

MotorSaver Monitors
NI Part # Description
78513 3-Phase Voltage, w/ Relay
78512 3-Phase Voltage, Load and Line Side
78508 Single-Phase, Undercurrent



PumpSaver® Monitors
Pump Panels
Pump Control Panels.