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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Tower Light Kits

Globe Light Kit w/Rough Service Bulb 76013 or 76030

Globe Light Kit w/Strobe Light 76013-S or 76030-S

Strobe Light Kit

Please specify size of pipe when ordering.
Tower Light Kits
NI Part # Description
76013 Globe Light Kit w/ 120 VAC rough service bulb
76030 Globe Light Kit w/ 12 VDC rough service bulb
76013-S Globe Light Kit w/ 120 VAC screw-in strobe (specify color)
76030-S Globe Light Kit w/ 12 VDC - 80 VDC screw-in strobe (specify color)
76017 Light Kit w/ 12 VAC strobe light (specify color)
76017-12 Light Kit w/ 12 VDC strobe light (specify color)
76023 Light Kit w/ magnetic base and plug w/ 12 VDC strobe light (specify color)

Bolt-on light kits are for 6" and 6-5/8" pipe unless otherwise specified.
Other pipe sizes available.

Tower Light Kits Features and Benefits:

 • Clamps to pipe.
• Easy to install.
• Adjustable.
• Complete packages with rough service bulb and power cord available for any size pipe.

 Strobe Lights Features and Benefits:

• High intensity strobe light.
• Visible in all kinds of weather.
• Water resistant.
• Capable of operating in temperatures from -30 °F to 150 °F.
• Single or Double flash.
• Lens color options include: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Clear
• Various voltages are available.

Strobe light kits will be shipped with clear lenses unless otherwise specified.

Check with local and state government agencies regarding the use of colors other than amber.