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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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General Structural Items

Base Decks
Base decks, non-towable; for models including: Valley type, Reinke type, Zimmatic type, Lockwood type, Pierce type, Raincat type, Olson type, Gifford Hill type, etc. When ordering Base Decks, you must specify model number and year. Other dimensions may be needed. ... (more)

Tower Legs
Tower Legs for Lockwood style, Valley style, Lindsay style, Reinke style. Other Tower Legs are available, contact us with your requirements. ... (more)

Tower Joints
Lindsay style long joint and short joint, octagon ring; Reinke style pivot point receiver and hook. Other Tower Joints are available, contact us with your requirements. ... (more)

Span Pipes
NI can custom manufacture span pipes in a variety of sizes. When ordering, call NI with your machine model number, year, and pipe location. In some cases, NI will require that you provide dimensions or a sample pipe. ... (more)

Sand Traps
Sand traps prevent sand from collecting in pipes. Lindsay type and Valley type. Also, automatic flush sand traps. ... (more)

Various structural items can be fabricated.
Contact us with your requirements.