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Water Hose for Agricultural and Industrial Applications
Water Hose for Agricultural and Industrial Applications
Working Pressure
3/4" to 16" 30 to 140 psi PVC Discharge Hose, Blue*
• Flexible.
• Resistant to oils, grease, and many chemicals and acids.
• Reinforced by cord fabric.
1" to 6" 150 psi PVC Medium-Duty Water Discharge Hose, Brown*
• For irrigation and agricultural applications.
• Superior to blue water discharge hose in working pressure.
. Capable of handling a wide range of acids and chemicals.*
1-1/2" to 12" 35 to 90 psi PVC Discharge & Suction Hose, Green*
• Suction and discharge hose for irrigation and agricultural industry.
• 26 to 28 in. Hg. vacuum.
1" to 6" 40 to 75 psi Medium-Duty Rubber Water Discharge Hose*
• Especially designed for the agricultural industry and general water discharge usage.
• Two-ply reinforcement.
1" to 12" 75 to 255 psi

Heavy-Duty Rubber Water Discharge Hose
• Top Grade water hose for general discharge usage.
. Abrasion and weather resistant cover.
. Two- to four-ply reinforcement.

1-1/2" to 6" 150 to 200 psi Heavy-Duty Water / Petroleum Discharge Hose
• Designed for agriculture and industry for handling water or petroleum.
. Reinforced crosswise and lengthwise.
1" to 6" to 150 psi EPDM Rubber Suction Hose*
• Reinforced with synthetic cord and spiral helix wire.
• Cover is resistant to abrasion.
• 30 In. Hg. vacuum.
1-1/4" to 6" 35 to 70 psi

Fertilizer Suction Hose*
• Suction and discharge hose for the agricultural industry.
• Lightweight and resistant to herbicides and pesticides.
• Good flexibility in cold weather.
• EPDM with polyethylene helix reinforcement that also functions as a scuff strip.
• 20 to 28 In. Hg. vacuum rating.

4-1/2" to 18" 150 psi Dredge Sleeves
• Rubber tube with multiple-ply reinforcement and abrasive-resistant rubber cover.
. Various wall thicknesses are available.

* For undiluted chemicals, consult dealer.



Hose Barb Fittings
Female or Male.
Bands and Clamps
And Clamp Tool, etc.
Ring Lock Clamps