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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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IEC Type Pump Panels
Fuses included: dual element LPJ type fuses.

Pump panels are full voltage start panels.

IEC Type Pump Panels
NI Part # Description
84043 1 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84052 2 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84053 3 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84054 5 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84055 7.5 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84056 10 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84044 15 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84012 20 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84057 25 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84035 30 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84030 40 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84058 50 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84060 60 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84002 75 HP Pump Panel, 480V
84029 100 HP Pump Panel, 480 V
840125 125 HP Pump Panel, 480V

. Combination starters are available in a complete array of enclosure types. Select the one that exactly fits your needs.
. Choose between fuseable disconnect or motor circuit protectors.
. Precise sizing - a starter rated for virtually any motor horsepower - means you don't have to settle for anything less than a perfect match.
. Complete motor overload protection helps prevent motor burn-out.
. A flange-mounted disconnect mechanism and positive door interlock system add to user safety.
. Ample wiring space makes for ease of rewiring for future add-ons and modifications.

Several brands of pump panels are available with various voltage and horsepower ratings: including full-voltage, part-winding start and circuit breaker panels as well as other types to meet your requirements.
-- Contact our sales office for help in selecting the exact panel for your needs. --



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