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Omni Wheel Gearboxes, Valley Type

Omni Valley Type Gearbox

Omni Valley Type Wheel Gearboxes
NI Part # Description
610504 Gearbox, Omni, Valley Type, Non-Towable, Dual Input, 52:1, 2.25" Output

Specifications for Valley Type -NI #610504
Non-Towable Wheel Gearbox
Category Description
Torque Capacity 70,000 lb.-in. (7,909 Nm)
Ratio 52:1 (others available)
Shaft Size 2.25" (57 mm)
Weight 112 lbs. (50.8 kg)
Oil Capacity 126 fl. oz. (3.7 L)
Expansion Chamber Bellows Type
Additional Features
. Replaces Valley Drives.
. 12 cubic inch expansion area.
. Dual inputs for left or right mounting.
. Class A hobbed and hardened steel worm.


610504 Dimensions





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