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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Wheel Gearboxes

Durst Wheel Gearboxes: Features and Benefits
• Trakseals™ on the input and output shafts. • 13-hole universal mount pattern — the most versatile in the industry. Fits multiple brands of lateral and center pivot systems ... (more)

Durst Extreme Duty Wheel Gearboxes, 50:1
• Replaces most 50:1 gearboxes. • Built-in expansion chamber with oil fill sump — prevents lube over-rill and eliminates excessive pressure build up. ... (more)

Durst Valley Style Wheel Gearboxes
The Durst Valley Style Gearbox, 52:1 also features: • Direct replacement for Valley’s 52:1 gearbox and interchangeable parts. ... (more)
The Durst Valley Style Gearbox, 50:1 also features standard short output shaft ... (more)

Omni Wheel Gearboxes, Features and Benefits
Worm Gear Wheel Drives: External V-Ring Seals provide additional barrier against debris and corrosion. ... (more)

Omni Wheel Gearboxes, Standard
Standard, non-towable model;
G2 non-towable model with larger bearings;
NI Non-Towable with two-bolt hydraulic adapter;
... (more)

Omni Wheel Gearboxes, Valley Type
Valley Type, 52:1, non-towable model;
... (more)

Omni Wheel Gearboxes, Big Chamber™ and Heavy-Duty
Big Chamber, non-towable model;
Heavy-Duty, non-towable model;
... (more)

Omni Wheel Gearboxes, Towable
True-Tow towable model;
Quick-Tow / Non-Towable model;
... (more)