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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Universal Steel-Flex Couplers

The patented Universal Steel-Flex Coupler is the most versatile coupler on the market today. It can be taken to the field fully assembled for quick installation. Simply slide the round end over the gearbox shaft and insert the pin bolt, then place the drive shaft in the universal end and secure it with “L” bolts. It features a unique, heavy-duty drive disk that tolerates misalignment and absorbs shock from motor starts, adding life to gearboxes. The disk is also sunlight resistant and won’t be eaten away under abrasive soil conditions.

. Round end is split to tighten on worn shafts - adds life to old shafts.
. Universal end fits 3/4", 7/8", 1" Square Shafts.
. Supplied with grade 5 bolts - bolts prepackaged for easy assembly.
. Coupler ends feature a high quality industrial coating.
. Coupler ends are made of high tensile American steel.
. Coupler ends are precision welded (robotically) - provides consistent quality.

Important: For safety always shield drive shafts and couplers.
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Made in the U.S.A.

Universal Steel-Flex Coupler Selection Chart
NI Part Number
Round End x Square End
Disk Diameter
Disk Diameter
420281 420281s 1" x Universal
420295 420295s 1" w/key x Universal
420282 420282s 1-1/8" x Universal

Universal Steel-Flex Coupler Parts
47002 Disk, Large Diameter (4-9/16") 47002s Disk, Small Diameter (3-3/4")
47002-5 Disk, Large
Diameter (5")
Northwest Style
Universal Steel-Flex Coupler Parts
NI Part Number
Disk Diameter
Disk Diameter
47002 ---- Disk, PVC, Heavy-Duty, Large Dia., 4-9/16"
---- 47002s Disk, PVC, Heavy-Duty, Small Dia., 3-3/4"
47002-5 ---- Disk, PVC, Heavy-Duty, 5" Dia., Northwest Style
200102 200102 Bolt Kit, Universal Steel Flex
420300 420300s Universal End, fits 3/4" - 1" sq.
42081 42081s 1" Round Split x 2"
420152 420152s 1" Round w/ keyway x 2"
42064 42064s 1-1/8" Round x 2"



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Universal Steel-Flex Coupler Parts
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