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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Booster Pump Kits, Etc.

Booster Pump Kits
2 HP, 130 GPM and 5 HP, 200 GPM Kits. Each kit includes pump and motor, booster pump control box, end gun valve, tubing brackets, fittings, bolt package, electrical wire, and hangers. End gun not included, see End Guns. 7.5 HP Kits also available... (more)

Booster Pumps
2 HP - 130 GPM End Gun Booster; 5 HP - 130 GPM End Gun Booster, High Head; 5 HP - 200 GPM End Gun Booster. ... (more)

Booster Pump Components
Impeller, seals, gaskets, ... (more)

Booster Pump Motors
TEFC (Totally-Enclosed, Fan-Cooled) Pump Motors, 460V, 3-Phase, in sizes of 2 hp, 5 hp, 7.5 hp ... (more)

Booster Pump Control Boxes
NI Booster Pump Control Boxes with Pressure Switch and without; NIL Booster Pump Control Boxes; Mounting Packages ... (more)

See also NI Alignment Controls.