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Right Angle Gear Drives (Gearheads)

Benefits and Applications

• Provides positive power transmission from horizontal prime movers to vertical pump shafts.
• Offers economy, efficiency, space-saving, and the ability to function well under varying climatic conditions.
• Applications include:
• -Irrigation
• -Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Disposal
• -Fire Protection
• -Flood Protection
• -Cooling Towers
• -Wind Towers
• -Marine Service.

Right Angle Gear Drives
NI Part # Size
610102-20 20 hp
610102-40 40 hp
610102-60 60 hp
610102-80 80 hp
610102-110 110 hp
610102-125 125 hp
610102-150 150 hp
610102-200 200 hp
610102-250 250 hp
610102-300 300 hp
610102-350 350 hp
610102-425 425 hp

A variety of models are available to meet specific requirements of high and low speed prime movers and pumps.




Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors
Drive Shafts
Irrigation Universal Joint Drive Shafts.
Shaft Guards
For Irrigation Drive Lines.