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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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"Z" Pipe

. Male or Female Top End.
. Sizes: 6", 8", or 10" - IPS or PIP
. Nipples and Couplings added as requested.
. Standard Depths: 42", 48", and 60".
. Other depths can be custom made.

Z Pipe
NI Part # Size
904XX6 6" Z Pipe
904XX8 8" Z Pipe
904XX10 10" Z Pipe

Optional Nipples
NI Part # Size
79324-5 2" Nipple, NPT, Half
79310-5 3" Nipple, NPT, Half
79317-5 4" Nipple, NPT, Half

. Epoxy powder coating greatly prolongs the life of steel fittings.
. Tough epoxy finish resists corrosion.
. Coating will not crack from extreme temperature changes.
. Almost impossible to chip.

Ordering Details for Z Pipe

Fill in the dimensions for the Z Pipe needed according to the above diagram.

Please contact our sales office with your specifications.
per diagram
in inches

 * Trench Depth.


Z-Pipe Ordering Details
L Risers
90-Degree Elbow
Steel, Ring Lock.
Ring Lock Clamps
Pressure Relief Valves
Air Relief & Vacuum Relief Valves
PVC Pipe