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Durst Extreme Duty Gearbox, 50:1

Durst Extreme Duty Gearbox, 50:1

Durst Extreme Duty Gearbox, 50: 1
NI Part # Description
610103 Gearbox, Durst, Extreme Duty, Non-Towable, Dual Input, 50:1, 2-1/4" Output, with Trakseals™ on input and output shafts.

Durst Gearboxes feature Trakseals™ on the input and output shafts.
Input Trakseal™
Output Trakseal™

Outstanding Features and Benefits

. 13-hole universal mount pattern - the most versatile in the industry. Fits multiple brands of lateral and center pivot systems.
• Input and output Trakseals™ – a rotational multi-lip seal that prolongs the life of the gears, shafts, and bearings. Keeps oil in and contaminates out.
. Dual input worm shaft provides versatility.
. The highest strength bull gear on the market.
. One-piece large diameter, high strength output shaft with wheel support ring.
. Designed to handle the heaviest spans in the industry.
. Totally enclosed internal air expansion chamber.
. Manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified factory ensures the highest quality standards.
. Every unit is date coded for accurate tracking.

In addition to the features listed above, the Extreme Duty Gearbox also features:
. Replaces most 50:1 gearboxes.
. Ductile steel end caps - 40% stronger.
. Independent testing proves the new Durst wheel drive is 30% stronger than the competition.
. Built-in expansion chamber with oil fill sump - prevents lube over-fill and eliminates excessive pressure build up.
. Shaft protector snaps onto either end to protect the unused shaft.

610103 Dimensions




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