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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Drop Components -- page 1

Galvanized Loops
-Schedule 40-
• Constructed of Schedule 40 galvanized pipe for added strength and corrosion resistance.
• May be fitted with either 3/4" male NPT x 3/4" female NPT or 3/4" male NPT on both ends.

Galvanized Loops
NI Part # Description
76502 3/4" M x 3/4" M Galvanized Loop
76501-1 3/4" M x 3/4" FM Galvanized Loop
76501-B 3/4" M x Hose Barb Galvanized Loop
76505 3/4" M x Hose Barb 12" Furrow Arm Galvanized Loop
76510 3/4" M x Hose Barb 20" Furrow Arm Galvanized Loop
42530 3/4" Coupler, Galvanized

PVC Loops
-Schedule 80-
PVC Loops
NI Part # Description
76504M 3/4" M x 3/4" M PVC Loop
76504 3/4" M x 3/4" FM PVC Loop
76504B 3/4" M x Hose Barb PVC Loop


NI Part# Description
93003 Strainer, Lateral Line
52024 Filter, Aqua Drop, M x F
52024-2 Filter, Aqua Drop, F x M

Aqua Drop Filters
. Stops the plugging of small nozzle sizes.
. 15 mesh screen - 1/64th inch smaller than smallest nozzle available.
. 5-inch screen increases surface area to reduce cleaning frequency.
. Stainless steel screen for long life and rugged use.
. Comes in three connection configurations: M x F, F x M, F x F
. Easy to clean - Just unscrew and flush.
. Positive seal - gasket is molded into screen and sealed between fittings.

Aqua Drop Filter, M x F 52024
Aqua Drop Filter, F x M 52024-2



Drop Components 1
Galvanized Loops,
PVC Loops,
Aqua Drop Filters
Drop Components 3
NI PVC Drops,
NI Steel Drops
Drop Components 4
Hose, Clamps, and Tools,
Drop Weights,
Hose Barb Fittings,
Steel and PVC Fittings
Ball Valves
3/4" Ball Valves.
Pressure Gauges.