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Nelson A3000 Accelerator Pivot Sprinklers

Nelson A3000 Accelerator Pivot Sprinklers

. Designed for in-canopy water application.
. Utilizes both Rotator and Spinner technology.
. Increases rotation speed as the nozzle size increases.
. Maximizes throw distance and minimizes evaporative losses at low flow rates.
. At the end of the system, it transforms into a Spinner to lower instantaneous application rates while treating the soil correctly.

Nelson A3000 Accelerator Pivot Sprinklers
Includes nozzle; specify desired size.
NI Part # Description


Complete A3000
w/ Nozzle, Plate, 3/4" M NPT Adapter

A3000 Accelerator Components
A3000 Components
NI Part # Description
11080 3000 Adapter 3/4" M NPT
795127 3TN Nozzle
928517 A3000/D3000 Body
928520 Rotor Plates
928521 A3000 Cap/Motor




Flow Chart
For Nelson 3TN Nozzle System.
For Nelson 3000 Series Pivot Products.
Nelson A3000 Components
Nelson 3000 Series Drop Configurations
Examples of Configurations.
Drop Components
Hose, Fittings, etc.
Nelson Pressure Regulators
Blue-Top & Blue-Top ST Models.
Pressure Gauges.
Nelson 3000 Series Pivot Products
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