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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Senninger Pivot-Master® Irrigation Products
Senninger Sprays Selection Chart; i-Wob, LDN, Super Spray, Quad-Spray, 6-Degree Impact ... (more)

Senninger i-Wob®
• Unique off-center rotary action provides outstanding uniformity. • Gentle, rain-like application. • Excellent distance of throw. i-Wob Components, i-Wob Options, Senninger i-Wob Flow Chart ...(more)

Senninger LDN®
• Extremely efficient water application with minimized losses to wind drift, evaporation, and runoff. LDN Components, LDN Options, Senninger LDN Flow Chart. ..(more)

Senninger Super Spray®
• Wide variety of color-coded deflector pads to customize distribution pattern. Super Spray Options, Super Spray Components...(more)

Senninger Quad-Spray® LEPA
• Developed specifically for Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA). • Less energy is needed; operating at very low pressures of 6-10 psi at the... (more)

Senninger Fan Spray
• Mounted on either side of the tower, the Fan Spray's directional spray helps keep water away from wheel tracks.. (more)

Nelson 3000 Series Pivot Products
Nelson Sprays Selection Chart Product ; Rotator R3000, Spinner S3000, Nutator N3000, Spray Head D3000, Accelerator A3000, Trash-Buster T3000 ... (more)

Nelson R3000 Rotator® Pivot Sprinklers
• Greater throw radius. The wide water pattern from rotating streams equates to lower average application rates, longer soak time, and reduced runoff. • High ... (more)

Nelson S3000 Spinner Pivot Sprinklers
• Gentle rain at low pressure. • Utilizes a free-spinning action to produce a gentle, rain-like water pattern. • Designed for more sensitive crops and soils. • Superior ... (more)

Nelson A3000 Accelerator Pivot Sprinklers
. Designed for in-canopy water application. . Utilizes both Rotator and Spinner technology. . Increases rotation speed as the nozzle size increases. . Maximizes...(more)

Nelson T3000 Trashbuster Pivot Sprinklers
• Developed for the land application of wastewater. • Features an open-architecture body design to pass debris more easily. • Flow control nozzle ... (more)

Nelson D3000 Sprayhead Pivot Sprinklers
• A fixed-spray sprinkler which produces a variety of patterns dependent upon the specific spray plate. • Flip-over dual spray cap allow easy conversion of the spray pattern. • Choose ... (more)

Accessories for Nelson 3000 Series Pivot Products
One-pound Weight.
Dual Nozzle Clip • Allows precise matching of crop water requirements through the season. • Change system flow quickly and accurately. • No more fumbling with or dropping nozzles....(more)

LEPA Accessories
LEPA Bubbler Clip, HD3000 Hose Drag Adapter

Flow Chart for Nelson 3TN Nozzle System
Nozzle Size in 128th nch increments. Odd numbered nozzles have a color stripe of the next size. ...