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Senninger Goosenecks and Truss Rod Hose Slings

- Typically used with i-Wob or LDN -

125° Goosenecks

– Use only in conjunction with Truss Rod Hose Slings –

• 125-degree arch to direct hose toward truss rod.
• Drop installation places sprinkler closer to the crop to help fight wind drift and save water.
• Easy drop alignment for precision irrigation applications.
• Lowers the instantaneous application rate by widening the area of application which reduces soil compaction, soil sealing, and runoff.
• Non-corrosive, UV-resistant thermoplastic construction for long life and reduced plugging.
• 3/4" F NPT inlet x 3/4" hose barb outlet(s) or 3/4" F NPT inlet x 3/4" M NPT outlet(s).

• Attaches to mainline using stainless steel or galvanized nipple (PVC not recommended).
• Maximum recommended pressure 120 psi.
• Maximum recommended water temperature 110
° F (43 ° C). Ambient temperatures to 150 ° F (65 ° C) will not damage Goosenecks.

Double 125° Goosenecks
• Maximum recommended flow 30 gpm (15 gpm per side).
• Converts wide spacing machines to closer drop spacings.
• Reduces or eliminates the need for welding extra outlets.


Single 125° Goosenecks
• Maximum recommended flow 20 gpm.
• Used with truss rod hose sling creates a system that provides easy positioning of drops along a center pivot.


Truss Rod Hose Slings
. Supports flexible hose to prevent kinking and abrasive wear.
• Easy to install.
• Securely fastens 3/4" flexible hose to truss rod.
• Maintains the drop / applicator position and allows for easy adjustments.
• Non-corrosive, UV-resistant thermoplastic construction for long life.


The Double Gooseneck makes installation of additional outlets easier.

The Truss Rod Hose Sling holds drops in the desired position along the truss rod.

Senninger 125° Goosenecks
w/ 3/4" F NPT Inlets
NI Part # Description
Double Single
76516-B 76513-B With 3/4" Hose Barb Outlet(s)
76516 76513 With 3/4" M NPT Outlet(s)


Senninger Truss Rod Hose Slings
NI Part # Description
110142 Truss Rod Hose Sling, for 3/4" rod (black)
110143 Truss Rod Hose Sling, for 5/8" rod (rust)
110144 Truss Rod Hose Sling, for 7/8" rod (blue)




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