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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Senninger LDN®

LDN Single Spray Head
LDN Double Spray Head 92834 LDN Triple Spray Head 92835

Features and Benefits of LDN – Low-Drift Nozzle

• Extremely efficient water application with minimized losses to wind drift, evaporation, and runoff.
• Unique multiple deflector pad design allows it to produce uniform sized droplets through the wide range of nozzle flows found on center pivots.
• Rugged design for traveling through tall crops.
• Low pressure operation — 6 to 15 psi.
• Chemigation Pads produce an upward spray under the crop canopy, for washing or applying pesticide. Corn chem pad: 58º upward throw; cotton chem pad: 15º - 30º multi-level upward throw.
• Bubbler Pad applies water in a gentle, aerated pattern ideal for direct-to-furrow (LEPA style) irrigation.
• Hose Barb Adapter along with a drag hose allows water application directly into the furrow. The adapter snaps right onto the LDN.

Senninger Complete LDNs®
Includes nozzle; specify desired size
NI Part Number
w/ 3/4" M NPT Base w/ 3/4" Barb Base
92833 92833-B LDN Single, Complete
92834 92834-B LDN Double, Complete
92835 92835-B LDN Triple, Complete

LDN Options

Bubbler Pad
(Must be used in conjunction with LDN weight.)

LDN Weight

LDN Options
NI Part # Description
51055 3/4 lb. LDN Weight
51060 1 lb. LDN Weight
11086 LDN w/ Drag Hose Adapter
88089 Bubbler Pad, Beige, nozzles #5-24
88072 Corn Chem Pad, CM1, Red, nozzles #5-9
88078 Corn Chem Pad, CM2, Maroon, nozzles #10-24
880103 Cotton Chem Pad, CT-L, White, nozzles #5-24

LDN Components

LDN Components
NI Part # Description
16006 Adapter, 3/4" M NPT
16006-B Adapter, Hose Barb
795146 Nozzle
145191 Body
88071 Single Spray Plate
88074 Double Spray Plate
88090 Triple Spray Plate

LDN Components and Options





Senninger LDN Components
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Examples of Configurations.
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Hose, Fittings, etc.
Senninger Goosenecks & Truss Rod Hose Slings
Senninger Pressure Regulators
PSR and PMR Models.
Pressure Gauges.
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