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RainTEC Center Pivot Components

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Senninger i-Wob®

i-Wob, Complete w/M NPT Base

i-Wob, Complete, w/Barb Base

Senninger i-Wob Complete i-Wobs
NI Part Number Description
w/ 3/4" M NPT Base w/ 3/4" Barb Base
928127 928127-B i-Wob, Standard Angle, 9-Groove, Black Deflector, w/ Nozzle
928128 928128-B i-Wob, Low Angle, 9-Groove, Blue Deflector, w/ Nozzle
928125 928125-B i-Wob, Low Angle, 6-Groove, White Deflector, w/ Nozzle

. Unique off-center rotary action provides outstanding uniformity.
. Gentle, rain-like application.
. Excellent distance of throw.

. Low pressure operation, between 10 and 20 psi, can mean big energy savings over the course of a year.

i-Wob Components
Note: Complete i-wob consists of Adapter, Nozzle, and Bracket Assembly.

i-Wob Components
NI Part # Description
110132 Adapter, 3/4" M NPT Base
110133 Adapter, 3/4" Hose Barb Base
79600 Nozzle (all sizes)
928146 Bracket Assembly, Standard Angle, 9-Groove, Black Deflector
928147 Bracket Assembly, Low Angle, 9-Groove, Blue Deflector
928149 Bracket Assembly, Low Angle, 6-Groove, White Deflector

i-Wob Weights and Other Options

i-Wob Weight
Below-the-nozzle mounting creates less stess on flexible drops.

i-Wob Weights
NI Part # Description
510100 1/2 lb. i-Wob Weight
510101 3/4 lb. i-Wob Weight
510102 1 lb. i-Wob Weight

Drag Hose Adaptor
Allows for easy conversion to direct furrow (LEPA style) application with drag hose.
Nozzle Carrier
Simplifies renozzling for a second flow rate during the season.
i-Wob Options
NI Part # Description
79580 Nozzle Carrier (nozzle sold separately)
110134 Drag Hose Adapter





Senninger i-Wob Components
Senninger i-Wob Options
Weights, Nozzle Carrier, Drag Hose Adapter.
Senninger i-Wob Flow Chart
Performance Data.
Senninger i-Wob Drop Configurations
Examples of Configurations.
Drop Components
Hose, Fittings, etc.
Senninger Goosenecks & Truss Rod Hose Slings
Senninger Pressure Regulators
PSR and PMR Models.
Pressure Gauges.
Senninger Pivot-Master® Irrigation Products
Selection Chart.
Sprinkler Chart Data Form
For ordering Sprinkler Packages.