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Senninger i-Wob® Drop Configurations

Senninger i-Wob Drop Configurations
Item NI Part Number Description
Drop Assy 1 Drop Assy 2 Drop Assy 3 Drop Assy 4
A 76502 76501-1 76502 76501-B Galvanized Loop
B 9013X 9013X 9013X 9013X PSR Regulator
C 92182X-B 92812X 92812X-B 92812X i-Wob w/ Nozzle
D 51010X 51010X 51010X 51010X i-Wob Weight
E 510XXPH 510XXPH N/A N/A Drop, Polyethylene x 24" Hose
F 330107 330107 330107 330107 Crimp Clamp
G N/A N/A 11093 11093 Male Hose Barb
H N/A N/A 66022 66022 Hose, 3/4" x 250"

"X" indicates a variety of part numbers are available.

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